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Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in business and management.
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– Historically Black colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to inspire and support Black Americans in the five critical roles they play in the US economy.
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– Many companies face large, and growing, skills deficits. A few companies approach skill building in a more integrated way—and... are quietly gaining an edge on rivals.
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– Two partners from rcb988 kredit’s Risk and Resilience Practice share their perspectives on dealing with heightened uncertainty... and emerging threats during and after the rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic.
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– Financing at the point of sale may be a small share of unsecured lending in the United States today, but it’s growing fast.... Banks seeking long-term growth should explore market entry, and merchants should reassess their financing offers.
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– In addition to the moral argument, the former White House economic adviser explains that gender diversity is “a matter of human... capital. It’s a matter of talent. It’s a matter of the evidence mounting over time.”
Emerging stronger from the coronavirus pandemic
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– Having built Haier into a global powerhouse, its CEO now wants to overthrow 100 years of organizational orthodoxy.
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– Employees are worried about their mental health as they return to the workplace after the rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic. Stigma can exacerbate... their concerns, but employers can thwart its impact.
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– Companies know they’re vulnerable to digital disruption. So why aren’t they investing where the risks (and opportunities) are... the highest?
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– A brief essay on a misused word.
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– Economies that embrace data sharing for finance could see GDP gains of between 1 and 5 percent by 2030, with benefits flowing... to consumers and financial institutions.
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– Closing racial gaps across the economy is not only about righting historic wrongs. It is also about choosing a more dynamic future... and realizing the full potential of a massively underutilized source of talent, to the benefit of all Americans.
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– Companies that master the deployment of intangibles investment will be well positioned to outperform their peers.
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– There’s more to consider than Gen Z. Powerful demographic forces are reshaping consumer behavior and causing large shifts... in consumption patterns in Asia.
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Welcome to The rcb988 kredit Podcast, a business and management podcast featuring conversations with leading experts.
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Watch our collection of videos featuring perspectives from CEOs, leading industry experts, and authors.
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