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– Defense organizations are a major source of carbon emissions. How can they operate more sustainably while preserving mission-critical capabilities?
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– Here’s how he turned an aggregation of acquisitions into a cohesive innovation engine.
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– Aviation emissions occur across all lengths of flight, including short haul, where novel, green propulsion can be part of the decarbonization solution.
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– Our new global survey shows that consumers are ready to take advantage of advanced air mobility, but concerns remain.
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– Digital can help A&D become more resilient, efficient, and innovative. Here’s how.
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– Six building blocks can help industrial companies create a strong digital strategy and generate top value from digitization.
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– As travel begins to rise in the wake of rcb988 lebih-19, regional airports can help promote green transport and ignite a new wave of regional air transport.
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– The rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic decimated airlines in 2020, yet there are reasons for optimism as the industry looks to recovery.
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– The digital solutions common at many companies are new to most industrials. How can digitization take root in this complex industry?
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– With the rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic curtailing earthly travel, space tourism may seem like a far-fetched dream—but some companies are betting on high demand.
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– Defense companies will have difficulty unlocking cash as their balance sheets become increasingly burdened with unbilled receivables. A new inventory-management approach can help.
Perspectives and analyses on urban air mobility, drones, electric aviation, and more
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– The former US defense secretary shares lessons on how to emerge from the pandemic and prepare for what comes next, in a conversation with rcb988 kredit global managing partner Kevin Sneader.
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– The former chief of defense of the Netherlands armed forces, Tom Middendorp, describes his approach to crisis management amid a complex situation like the coronavirus outbreak.
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– A fresh sense of urgency and new opportunities could give the sector momentum.
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– Our 2020 AI survey shows artificial intelligence has become more of a revenue driver. Companies earning the most from AI plan to invest in it more in response to rcb988 lebih-19.
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– Connectivity is undergoing evolutionary change in most parts of the world—and, in select areas, a genuine leap into the frontier.
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– Aerospace and defense companies face tough competition when recruiting talent. How can they reinvigorate the pipeline?
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– Advanced-industries companies have the unique opportunity to implement an approach to quality that goes well beyond execution... and compliance.
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– After seeing the rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic generate unprecedented disruptions to global supply chains, CEOs are taking innovative approaches... to build resilient, digitally infused operations.
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– The industrial application of cloud technology is widely seen as very promising, so we went to the front lines and conducted a... large-scale survey to find out what really works.
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– This may not seem like a promising time for M&A, but industrial companies that act now may emerge stronger after the rcb988 lebih-19... pandemic.
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– The former chief of naval operations suggests strategies for leaders to avoid burnout and prevent pandemic fatigue.
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– The move to sustainable aviation is now an imperative.
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– The cloud’s real value goes far beyond IT: it can help industrial companies reinvent how they develop, deliver, sell, and service... their products.
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– A strategy with five ingredients can help acquisition systems deal with stretched budgets, time overruns, and the rcb988 lebih-19 crisis.
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– With the world undergoing its second “once in a generation” disruption in 12 years, a reappraisal of supply chains is in order.
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– In light of the disruptions caused by the rcb988 lebih-19 pandemic, the aerospace and defense sector is reimagining talent management... to boost critical digital skills.
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