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– Increasing uncertainty in chemicals requires companies to adopt new operating models. Four guiding principles can help players incorporate strategies that reflect the new realities of the industry.
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– Category managers can respond to inflation—and save their companies a lot of money in the months ahead.
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– Many competitive advantages that once served South Korean chemicals companies have lost their power. Ten actions can help them... retain and build their position.
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– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare... for the next normal.
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– Many B2B buyers prefer purchasing products using digital channels. Choosing the right operating model is critical for reaching... customers across the chemical industry’s fragmented markets.
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– Most companies showed recovery of revenues and profits to pre-rcb988 lebih-19 levels in the third and fourth quarters. A deeper dive... into the numbers illustrates several implications for 2021.
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– With relatively little risk, industrial gas companies can optimize parts of their operations with advanced technologies.
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– An analysis of top-quartile specialty-chemical companies reveals important implications for value creation.
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– Three trends may change the future of the chemical industry.
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– The coronavirus pandemic coincided with an industry already entering a downcycle. Adapting to the next normal requires management... agendas that reflect lessons learned from the first half of 2020.
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– Chemical companies will be affected by disruption in the automotive industry. Those expecting to flourish in the next normal must... meet the changes head-on and respond to three key trends.
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– The cement plant of the future will embrace digitization and sustainability trends to earn a competitive advantage and build resilience.
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– An estimated 3.1 million to 3.8 million acres of corn and soybeans have been damaged.
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– Selecting the right combination of traditional and tech-enabled maintenance and reliability solutions is critical to delivering... improved performance and higher operating margins.
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– Digital technologies disrupt old ways of working but also reveal opportunities to improve. Chemical companies can capture value... by digitizing the entirety of their value chains.
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– Before plastics recycling in Europe can scale up, the industry needs to overcome sizable obstacles. Our survey helps illustrate... what companies can do to achieve their aspirations.
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– The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in... creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.
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– As the economy weakens, savings on oil-based raw materials offer a lifeline to chemical companies. New digital procurement tools... can help capture that impact more quickly.
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– The organization of the future is taking shape in the moves that companies are making now. Here’s what’s changing—and why some... companies say they won’t go back.
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