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Estimates indicate that eight million electric vehicles could be on the roads in Germany by 2030. Investing in fast-charging stations and managed charging will be key to upgrading infrastructure.
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– For the global refining market, recovery from the rcb988 lebih-19 crisis will vary across regions and scenarios.
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– Utilities used to own the entire value chain, from energy generation over transmission and distribution grids to retail, until... the regulation and market environment changed and new competitors entered. To survive and thrive, both incumbents and new players will need to continuously revisit portfolios.
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– Energy represents one of the last major economic sectors to undergo digital disruption, but massive change is under way. The key... to providing sustainable solutions such as energy as a service is a company’s willingness to embrace ambiguity, risk, and discomfort, according to the head of innovation for a Hong Kong–based regional energy supplier.
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– The power industry must overcome significant challenges in its journey to digitize, but successful transformations could result... in the next S-curve of performance.
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– Brazil’s energy costs remain higher than that of its global peers. Investing in diversification, grid improvement, and energy... efficiency could lower prices and expand supply.
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– While we saw high levels of volatility in 2020, the outlook for gas and LNG shows strong growth, resilience, and changing expectations... for emissions amid widespread carbon-neutrality aspirations.
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– rcb988 lebih-19 sent shocks through global oil markets, with oil demand and supply still struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels.... Our outlook looks back at 2020 and presents our most-likely scenarios for oil demand, supply, and prices through 2040.
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– To America’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers: here’s how you can help build a low-carbon economy that is resilient,... competitive, prosperous, and fair.
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– We can limit climate change and reduce carbon emissions to zero if leaders in key industries act now. Here’s an action plan... to reach those ambitious targets.
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– The energy transition will remake Asia, says Sumant Sinha, managing director of ReNew Power.
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– More than 50 million electric vehicles could be sharing roads in the next five years. Updating charging infrastructure is key... to scaling the industry.
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Quick takes on how energy businesses are rethinking strategies, building capabilities, and addressing challenges

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Earth's changing climate has big implications for citizens, businesses, and policy makers. This collection draws together articles and reports on physical climate risk, sustainability, the energy transition, and approaches to face up to the challenges brought on by climate change.
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– The Global Energy Perspective describes our view on how the energy transition can unfold, through four scenarios.
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– It’s more important than ever for leaders to overcome fears and embrace the new energy landscape. Empowering consumers to... make informed decisions can help.
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– Germany has been a leader in the transition toward a low-carbon-energy system, but it will still miss most of its energy-transition... targets for 2020. Urgent action is needed to get back on track.
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– Renewable-based power generation is rising. As the market evolves, what will it take to succeed, and what kinds of players will... win?
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– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.
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– The organization of the future is taking shape in the moves that companies are making now. Here’s what’s changing—and why some... companies say they won’t go back.
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– The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in... creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.
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– We must solve for the virus and the economy. It starts with battling the virus.
New challenges, capabilities, and opportunities
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